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The key to negotiating a bargain in the purchase of an old tractor is to arm yourself with knowledge. Begin by learning how to determine quickly the age, condition , and average selling prices for every model or brand of used tractor. Know which problem areas you should take a closer review of. The last step is to learn the seven negotiation statements which will dramatically lower the price of any tractor. This includes the single sound you can use to cut down 10% the cost on any tractor.

Let’s begin at the beginning. The first step towards finding a good deal on an old tractor is to conduct some research and be an educated buyer. Let’s begin at the beginning. If you’re planning to purchase an old tractor, don’t be concerned about it being older than you. The process of buying a used tractor is not the same as buying a second-hand vehicle.

Tractors are built to last forever , and you can still find parts for nearly any tractor no matter the age of the tractor. In addition, unlike cars tractor, they are fairly simple to repair. Remember these tips when looking for an used tractor.

If you are buying an old tractor one of the primary aspects to consider is the hydraulics system, or three-point hitch, as it’s generally referred to. The power-take-off (PTO) is an integral part of the system. Ford released the triple-point tractor in 1939. Farmall as well as John Deere waited a little longer before they were released with the three-point hitch however, the majority of the tractor models you see come with the three-point hitch but make sure to verify.

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The three-point hitch and the PTO system is crucial because without it, you’ll be restricted in the things you can do on your tractor. My advice is to focus on tractor models with an integrated three-point hitch. Next, you must find out what the age is of the machine you’re thinking of buying. The most effective method to determine its age is to get the serial number and search for it via the Internet. The designs of cars change every year however tractors change every two or three years and you won’t be able to find out the age of a tractor simply by taking a look.

The Internet is full of information on tractor models. A good website where you can use the serial number and find the date a tractor was manufactured is Yesterday’s Tractors at When you are on the website, click “Tractor Registry” in the left navigation. panel to get information on every tractor. It is also possible to use this site to find out how much a specific model of tractor is selling for in recent times.

The condition of a used tractor is more important than its age. To assess the condition of a used tractor, look to see if it is equipped with a tachometer which has the hour-meter. Most older tractor models don’t come with the hour-meter. It is possible to tell regarding the state of an old tractor by the way much the petals have worn and how much play in the steering, and by looking to determine if there are any leaks of oil. All of these aspects will assist you in estimating the condition of the tractor.

Don’t fall for an updated paint job. It may be hiding certain things. Take a look at the tires. Even if the tires are treaded well does not mean they’re in good working order. Look for dry rot or cracks. A set of quality tires can cost anywhere up to $1,000.

Of course, you should check the way that the tractor starts and operates. If you are looking to market a tractor, but they aren’t able to start it without difficulty, it could be a problems. It is possible to have a an expert look over the tractor together with you. When the machine is difficult to start in hot weather, it’s difficult to start in colder temperatures. When you have started the tractor, you should determine if there is a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Two excellent places to verify price (other that Yesterday’s Tractors) include TractorHouse dot the internet and eBay. On eBay be sure to look through the auctions that are completed to determine which tractors similar to the one you’re interested in were actually are selling for. This information can be used to negotiate.

Another thing to consider is how much equipment (if there is any) is included in a used tractor is one of the factors that determine the worth for the machine. Consider also the method of getting the tractor to your home. If you have a trailer included in the deal, it’s always a huge plus.

If you’ve got all the information above the next action is to “Negotiate as a pro.” This is how you can do it.

You can offer a price that is lower than what you anticipate having to pay. Many people will claim, “I don’t want to discuss and engage in around with your. I’ll give your $5,000 in exchange for the tractor, and that’s all.” The majority of people find themselves negotiating and paying an amount that is much higher.

Always be shocked and amazed by the price offered by the other party. Without speaking a word, this let the seller know that you feel that their price is a bit excessive.

Never ever agree for the price that they give you, even if it is lower than what you expected to to pay. If you do, quickly , the other party will be aware that they’ve price the tractor way too low. They might then respond with something like, “Well let me clear this up with my spouse.” After that, they will return and claim that his partner is not happy with the proposal.

“You’ve been doing better than this.” Always make use of this phrase in negotiations. This is almost guaranteed to get you a cheaper cost.

Utilize employ the “good cop vs. bad cop” method. As an example, say “I want to purchase your tractor at this price however my wife would be a murderer. She’s set on not spending more than $3500 for an old tractor.”

Make sure you have the right the right information. The more prepared you are with the right information and facts the better bargain you’ll be able to make. For instance, you can tell the seller “I had a look on eBay as well as various other Internet sites, but I have noticed that tractors like this don’t will sell at over $35,000.”

Never accept a split of the difference. The other party is almost all the time willing to divide it therefore, offer less than half the difference. Most likely, you’ll get it.

Apply these tips and you’ll come out with the most affordable price for an old tractor. Remember that there are lots of used and good tractors in the market, so be prepared to leave any bargain.

Jerry Minchey is an engineer writer, researcher and author. He breaks down the noise and gets to the facts to expose the secrets that are simple to understand with non-technical language. He has written numerous books and made DVD’s as the result of his studies.

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